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Game Times

East Coast Ring Championship (Rings) Apr 10-11



Friday at 12:00pm - Due to the threat of rain on Saturday we have shortened all game times for Saturday only. Sunday we will be back to normal game times. Saturday 8u will play 1 Hour 15 min time limit and all other age groups will play 1 hour 30 min time limits.

Schedules are now posted. Check back here for any weather delays. Thank you for playing Baseball with NC GameOn Sports.

Coaches - We Must have a copy of your team insurance with NC GameOn Sports added as additional insured before your 1st game. You will not be able to play until we receive a copy. Email insurance certificate to stephanie@ncgameonsports.com

NO Pets allowed in the Park. Absolutely no alcohol in the park or parking lot.

Covid-19 Guidelines
*Fans are to be at least 6' apart at all times unless related.
*If you are not feeling well please refrain from entering the facility. Anyone showing symptoms associated with Covid-19 will be asked to leave the facilities at the discretion of the park staff and/ or tournament director.
*We encourage those with underlying health conditions or are a high risk age to error on the side of caution and stay home.
*If you have recently been exposed to a person we ask that you do not attend events until 14 days from possible exposure.
*Players should use only their own equipment. This includes bats, gloves, catchers gear as examples.
*No Team Coolers allowed.
*We encourage all parents to supply their kid with wipes and hand sanitizer for use between innings. 
*Players, Coaches, and umpires must bring their own water bottles.
*No Handshakes, high-fives, fist bumps, or chest bumps during or after the game. Coaches should ensure that players adhering to social distancing guidelines.
*All spectators must bring their own chairs.
*No Spitting
*We recommend spectators to wear mask and/or gloves. (optional)
*Spectators, coaches, players, and umpires are to bring their own handsanitizer with at least 60% alcohol and use often.
*No Post game meetings in the park. Please exit the facility after your game to reduce the number of people in the park at any given time.
*Bathrooms and concessions will be open. Please adhere to social distancing guidelines. Please limit the use of bathrooms to no more then 3 people at a time.
*Failure to adhere to Covid-19 related park and/ or state guidelines may result in removal from the park without refund.

Coaches please read
*Make sure you have a updated roster online with all players listed with DOB by Friday 
*Make sure you have a copy of each players birth certificate
*Check in with Site Director each day
*Pay Entry Fee and sign off on roster before first game on Saturday
*Each team must have a current copy of team insurance with NC GameOn Sports added as additional insured. Email a copy of insurance to stephanie@ncgameonsports.com by Friday at 12 - noon.

Here is what must be on team insurance
NC GameOn Sports
214 Merrells Lake Road
Mocksville, NC 27028
Enter park at your own risk. Beware of foul balls and players warming up. Do not park near any fields. 

Awards This Weekend
Gold Champions - Championship Rings and Team Plaque
Gold Runner-ups - Individual Award and Team Plaque
Silver Champions - Individual Award and Team Plaque
Silver Runner-ups - Individual Award and Team Plaque

Admission per day
Adults: $9.00
Seniors/Kids: $6.00

Next Weekend
April 17-18: Spring Baseball Showdown (Title Belt) - Clemmons, NC
April 17-18: Oxford Baseball Classic - Oxford, NC
April 17-18: South Boston Ring Championship (Rings) - South Boston, Va

Tournament Director
Randy Webb - Tournament Director
Sean Gregory - State Director

Thank You,

Chad Correll

No Pets or personal coolers allowed.
1 cooler allowed per team.

Southwest Forsyth

3801 Dillon Industrial Drive
Clemmons, NC 27012

Wilson Park

7505 Topsider Drive
Clemmons, NC 27012