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Home Run Derby Information

2020 Home Run Derby Events
Sponsored by NC GameOn Sports

Saturday March 28 - Butner
Saturday April 18 - Butner
Saturday May 2 - Asheville
Saturday June 13 - Butner
Saturday June 20 - Butner
Thursday June 25 - Asheville
Thursday July 16 - Butner
Friday July 24 - Asheville

Fence Distance

8u - 115'
9u - 130'
10u - 150'
11u - 185'
12u - 200'
13u - 230'
14u - 240'
15u - 250'
*Distance will be measured from centerfield.


*$10.00 to enter
*You can enter multiple times but must pay $10.00 for each entry
*10 swings per entry - Home Run counts as a swing. If the batter swings it counts as a swing - swing and miss, ground ball, foul ball, etc.
* Age - Your playing age for the 2020 season.
* Must use an aproved legal bat - No altered bat or bats that have been deemed illegal or banned.
* Provide your own pitcher or we will provide a pitcher.
* Pitcher MUST stand behind the L-screen when pitching to batter.
* Batter MUST wear a leagal batting helmet when batting.
* No players in the outfield or infield whiloe batter is batting.
* Players waiting to hit must stay outside of playing area. Behind a fence.
* We will provide baseballs
* If we have a tie after everyone has hit we will have a swing off (5 swings each)

* Champion in each age group will receive an individual award for being the HR King in their age group.

* Spectators must be award of foul balls. Do not park near any fences. Park and enter at own risk. NC GameOn Sports will not be reponsible for any damaged cars in parking lot or outside the fences.